Website Changes

Post date: Jul 27, 2019 3:29:59 PM

We heard your feedback, and have made some changes to the website with more to come!

Here is a summary of what was changed, in case you have trouble finding anything:

Consolidated pages to reduce clutter:

    • Moved Email Policy, Contacts (renamed to MCA Contacts), and Clubs pages to under the new Contact page

    • Moved Calendar to under the new Events and Calendar page

    • Moved Hall of Champions, History, Newsletter, Tournament Results (rn to Tournament Archive) and Links (rn Useful Websites) to under the new Media page

    • Moved Lessons (rn to Find a Coach), Getting Started (rn to Getting Started Over-the-Board), Ratings, and Education (rn to Why Chess?) to under the Play Chess! page.

Created new pages for better organization:

    • Contact - organize contact information and policies

    • Events and Calendar - hold calendar and events subpages

    • Media - hold updates, historical information, links, etc.

    • Play Chess! - hold information for learning and playing chess

    • Announcements (subpage of Media) - A new page to house announcements

Home Page:

    • Added Recent Announcements

    • Compressed upcoming events list

    • Embedded the Lichess daily puzzle widget. Enjoy!

Future Changes:

    • We realize some links and contact information are dead/inactive/out-of-date, and we plan to remove or refresh those in the upcoming days, so bear with us!

    • More updates on educational chess materials to come.

If you have any feedback or requests, feel free to fill out a survey on the Contact page!